About Fergus Farm Mutual

Fergus Farm Mutual is a MONTANA Insurance Company for Montanans.  We insure only in Montana.  We do not have to raise our rates to cover losses from catastrophes in other parts of the country.  We know our insureds and their Montana properties.  Because we know our risks, we can keep losses down.

We use only licensed, independent insurance agents from Montana to write our policies.  You will talk to a real person that cares about you.  We use Montana independent adjusters.  We have a statewide network of adjusters to handle your loss quickly and fairly, even in the event of an area-wide catastrophic loss.

We are a Montana mutual.  Fergus Farm Mutual is regulated by the Montana insurance commissioner’s office.  Because we are a mutual, you have a vote in our company.  We are financially sound.  We know our insureds and their risks.

Fergus Farm Mutual History

In 1908 the existing insurance companies would not insure rural property.  A group of farmers and ranchers in Fergus County pooled their money together and paid each others losses as they occurred.  Thus was Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Association of Fergus County born.

Our name has since been shortened to Fergus Farm Mutual.  We have evolved into a state-wide insurance company that can handle any of your property and casualty needs.  We have licensed Montana agents to write your policy and a network of licensed Montana adjusters to handle your loss should you have one.  We are reinsured by companies that must be approved by the state and we belong to both a state and a national mutual insurance association.  We’ve been writing insurance for 100 years and plan on being here for at least another 100 years.